Bandit and/or Giovanni

Giovanni_Desperate HousepetsEmotional Hook: KUNG FU GRIP!
Losing a family pet is difficult, and often brings on the whole denial, bargaining, anger hoo-ha, right? Today’s author was clearly in the bargaining stage when this specimen was created, but what’s better than whiskers by Sharpie® and a hand-drawn smile on a lost pet to reel us in?

Graphic Appeal: PERSONABLE
Although handwritten flyers can effectively denote mind-altering grief and desperation, they can also lead to the perception of spelling mistakes when folks misinterpret your high-school yearbook penmanship. The last thing you want is for your confused 91-year-old neighbor, Stanley L. Williamson (says that on his mailbox), to lose out on some small but crucial piece of info that may be all he needs to refrain from chasing Bandit and/or Giovanni out of his garage. To be fair, this isn’t the least bit illegible, and while we’re not handwriting experts by any stretch, the information provided seems spatially easy on the eyes.

Climate Durability: STANDARD
Ah, the feeling of tanned and weather-beaten copy paper. There’s such satisfaction in listening to it scrape across your palm and talk its little crinkle-talk. It’s similar to money, but that isn’t usually stapled to telephone poles from here to the liquor store. Giovanni_Desperate Housepets

Coherency Index: CONCISE 
The hand drawn whiskers suggest we’re dealing with an artist who believes that finding her pet is contingent upon accurately conveying the animal’s sunny disposition. What really matters here is the animal’s speed, claws, fangs, and his willingness to use ‘em on people reaching to grab him.

We counted 16 in a three block radius, which seems right in line with the mixture of panic and faith the flyer conveys.

Futility Factor: MEH
Perhaps Bandit/Giovanni has been reunited with his owner? You never know. No doubt this engaging, personable, and brief proposition increased the number of eyes that stayed with it to the end.

Bonus Points/Cheap Shots:
Giving concerned neighbors a choice of names to call out when your escapee darts about their garage in a panic is downright considerate. Well played.

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