Fat Cat Benny


Emotional Hook: Fat Cat Benny! Fat Cat Benny! Fat Cat Benny!

Say it aloud three times and you’ll start looking for something to name “Fat Cat Benny.”

It’s hard not to like Fats – a.k.a. Benny-Big-Fats, a.k.a. Fat Bennies – even if you’ve never met him. It’s hard not to laugh when you think he must look like a stand-up bass when he sits and licks his butt. The gift of an unexpected laugh pulls us into Benny’s story; we’re suddenly concerned for ol’ Fatso and find that we actually want to help reunite this presumably cool-ass cat with his clearly sensible and not self-pitying owner, Tracy.

This flyer does just that. Our gal, Tracy, chose to get the most important information out first: “MISSING.” And she did so using the largest, most urgent-looking font she could. Underneath, and almost as large, is a concise descriptor: “FAT CAT,” and then even larger than “MISSING” is the pet’s name, “BENNY.” This owner isn’t telling us her cat’s name, she’s announcing him to our world. A pet flyer’s single most important piece of contact info (right again, Tracy, it’s not the owner’s name), a phone number, is also immediately apparent. We are actually inspired to look closer, perhaps even write down Tracy’s number. Photographically, Tracy further delivers with two lucid shots of her Teamster-sprawled tabby.

As is the case for all flyers, weather is a primary factor in determining durability. This puppy was printed on card stock, which, while not waterproof, does last far longer than copy paper in the California sun. More points scored for thinkin’ ahead, Tracy.

Coherency Index: PRETTY. DAMN. COHERENT.
Every bit of this can be understood from a passing car. Even from a distance we get MISSING FAT CAT BENNY in the blink of an eye. Then, if we do have time to dawdle, we get the uber-convenient, “Orange. White. Friendly, Fat.” Nice.

Saturation: PRECIOUS FEW
Durability aside, card stock is also more expensive, which may explain why precious few of these gems were seen in the area. Or maybe Tracy thought to cover a broader area than just her own neighborhood. We still say, good show, Tracy.

Futility Factor: SOARING
Oh yeah, um, Tracy? Here’s where we have bad news. In nature, most things double-chinned translate for other animals into “delicious.” Blubber may work for whales, but cat fat doesn’t last long in moonlit coyote country. And though a suburban community like Benny’s isn’t exactly an untamed native environment, for a pet this obese it might as well be.

Bonus Points/Additional Comments:
Take note, Missing Pet Victims, this is one cleverly executed flyer; perhaps the best we’ve ever seen.

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